Heaven's Grand Gate

The perfect blend of natural beauty and elegance

Plan A Wedding With Endless Possibilities

At Heaven's Grand Gate, the 360 acres is yours! The possibility of having the feeling of freedom is all in your control. The possibility of tranquility flowing through your veins is within your reach.

For weddings, you have the option to have a cater or a barbeque. Would you like a fun photo booth present at your wedding for you and your guests? How does a bonfire sound? Ever heard of the new dessert trend at weddings, the donut wall? Didn't mention anything that's on your mind? Contact us and we can discuss the endless possibilities! We'll spare you the stress of wondering what are the rule or restrictions and give them to you now. Rule number one: there are no rules. You read that correctly. You don't have to worry about leaving at a certain time in the morning or not celebrating too loud.

Plan Something In The Barn

In the classic red barn resides an organ and a bar, which means all of the empty space is yours. There's enough space for a DJ or band, a dancing area, and sitting and eating place. At night, feel free to blow up air mattresses or get comfortable under the peaceful sky in a tent.

Plan Something In The West Wing

The west wing is located in the magnificent cabin. The room has carpet in the back but the majority of the room is hardwood floors. There is a projector where you can screen a movie on it or a presentation. The room can be used for a reception or a rehearsal dinner.